TeamLogic IT Heals Patient Records Management Workflow


A home health hospice company that services patients through eight office locations had purchased a document management software system that was a huge investment for them, but it was never implemented. The director of operations was challenged with controlling the flow of information between his corporate office and the seven satellite locations, and needed to get the software system implemented. Onboarding each of the locations including new workflow training and system training was a concern. He also needed to minimize his somewhat daily involvement in the company’s IT issues, to focus on his primary responsibilities.


TeamLogic IT helped with a number of IT solutions. The first was increasing the productivity and efficiency of the company’s server and workstations.  Since the workflow behind the document management software involved the transfer of data from the seven satellite offices to the company’s headquarters, a VPN network was installed, the server and PCs were optimized, and SystemWatch IT was installed on 30 computers to maintain the optimization. This ensured that all devices were running at optimal levels, and the “always on” VPN allowed workstations from other offices to scan files and store them directly on the server without having to first initiate a connection.

The company’s document management software system was designed to help them better manage and archive their patient record information. All documents needed to be scanned and filed into the system. TeamLogic IT had only one week to help with implementation and training. The director of operations expressed, “TeamLogic IT worked extremely fast. Their tech is the most knowledgeable IT tech I’ve ever worked with. He’s been outstanding at reviewing our needs and helping us develop a plan.”

TeamLogic IT also implemented a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. “I knew we lacked a good backup system. TeamLogic IT thought outside the box. We needed a cost-effective solution and they gave us options that were tailored to our needs.”

To address the need for better security of patient healthcare records, TeamLogic IT developed and implemented a layered security system to protect the network and its end points. A monthly security service that included firewalls at eight locations was installed. New anti-virus protection was installed on each endpoint via SystemWatch IT, and a web filtering service to prevent endpoint intrusion and malware was also installed.

Finally, TeamLogic IT implemented a Hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail service to unify and safeguard the company’s entire email system using state-of-the-art anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection at the server level. All users’ computers were also upgraded to Outlook 2010.


 “TeamLogic IT made my life easier. I’m no longer wrapped up with IT issues. Everything runs seamlessly now and I can get back to other things. We are where we need to be for our planned growth. Besides TeamLogic IT’s rates being less than I’ve seen with other companies, they’ve given me the flexibility to allow the system to work with me. I don’t think many companies realize the need for this kind of service, but they should.”

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