Outsourcing IT: A Healthy Solution for This Non-profit


The Counseling Center is a mental health services facility that provides diverse counseling solutions, education and community outreach. The Center employs five full-time administration staff members, in addition to numerous per-diem psychologists and therapists, and serves as a training facility for masters and doctoral students.

According to the Center’s Administrative Director, “Our permanent staff uses our computer systems daily for email communications, billing, and general office support tasks, and our therapists rely on our systems for writing patient progress notes. When our server goes down it’s a big deal for us. The front office gets bogged down; they can’t check-in patients, make appointments, take payments, or process invoices. It’s hard on everyone.”


To help The Counseling Center minimize computer downtime and the resulting lack of productivity they were experiencing, TeamLogic IT provides their Managed Services Solution to the Center’s entire network including 20 workstations and server. The proactive, preventative solution remotely monitors the organization’s systems to ensure continuous business operations and to resolve issues quickly, often without deploying a technician to the site.

“Working with TeamLogic IT gives us peace of mind knowing that someone is checking on our workstations and being proactive, not reactive. It’s helpful knowing the current state of our memory and capacity,” the administrative director explained. “We’re way ahead of where we used to be. As a small non-profit, we don’t have the time or money to take care of our own IT needs internally. TeamLogic IT is top-notch. We’ve been very pleased with their turnkey services and impressed with their knowledgeable technicians.

TeamLogic IT also worked with The Counseling Center to help them receive a grant for new computers. They were required to get bids from three sources, but it was TeamLogic IT who helped them understand the performance of their current workstations in terms of where they are now and where they need to go. Once The Center received the grant, TeamLogic IT did a complete overhaul of their network and desktop environment including the purchasing, installation and set up of new computers.  


The Center’s Executive Director said, “When TeamLogic IT did the recent install they worked around our schedule and planned everything beautifully. Our operations hardly skipped a beat and in one afternoon it was done and taken care of.  We’ve worked with TeamLogic IT for several years now and really trust them.”

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